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    T.C.B. (Taking Care of Business)

     Credit 0.25

    The skills necessary for success in the classroom, the work environment, and the world beyond high school are ever changing. In TCB students will learn a variety of skills and techniques to empower achievement both in and out of the classroom. Students will use Learning Management Systems, software and apps, to explore basic concepts of financial literacy, career exploration, and digital citizenship in order to enhance their potential throughout high school and beyond.

    Prerequisite: none



     Credit 0.5

    Introduction to Business is an overview of the world of business, focusing on basic economic principles, economic cycles and their impact on the U.S. economy, the components and functions of business, entrepreneurship and small business ownership, marketing, and the relationship between businesses and consumers. This course will serve as a stepping stone to higher-level business classes such as Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Law & Management.

    Prerequisite: none 6065



     Credit 0.5

    This course provides an overview of microeconomics and macroeconomic issues and an understanding of the economic choices that individuals, organizations, and governments face. It also introduces the concept of scarcity and the working process of a market economic system. Topics such as decision-making, demand-and-supply and market interaction, money and banking, business cycles, and monetary and fiscal policy will be discussed.

     Prerequisite: none



    Credit .5

    Entrepreneurship is designed for students who have the desire to start their own business. It addresses all facets of the business startup process. Students will put theory into action by creating a comprehensive business plan. Topics include recognizing opportunity, economics, marketing, site selection, finance, management, legal and regulatory issues.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra I, and Personal Computer Apps