• 3013       ALGEBRA I AC

    Credit:  1.0

    This course is for students who have not yet demonstrated readiness for the college-preparatory mathematics sequence.  Its purpose is to provide students additional time to meet state standards for Algebra I.  The course content includes signed numbers, first- and second-degree equations, exponents and radicals, polynomials, and factoring.  A scientific calculator is required. 

    Prerequisite: 8th grade math



    3100       PRE-CALCULUS HN

    Credit:  1.0

    This is a full year course intended for those students who have demonstrated high achievement in mathematics and are intending to pursue Calculus as a senior.  Course content includes trigonometry, analysis of functions and discrete mathematics. A graphing calculator is required.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra 2 Honors and Geometry Honors



    3126       AP STATISTICS

    Credit: 1.0

    This calculator-assisted course features the study of techniques in descriptive and inferential statistics and includes frequency and probability distributions, Central Limit Theorem, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, correlation and regression for bivariate data, analysis of variance, and non-parametric statistics. Students successfully completing this course will be prepared for the Advanced Placement test in statistics. A TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator is required.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra 2 or successful completion or concurrently taking Pre-Calculus