•      Ji Ji

         Elk Ridge utilizes the MIND Institute's ST Math. All students have access to this computer program, which uses spatial and temporal reasoning to present and teach mathematical concepts using JiJi the Penguin.


    The ST Math offers:

    • Innovative visual approach teaches math concepts
    • Comprehensive courseware aligns to state standards
    • Gamea engage students who have struggled with conventional approaches in math and learning
    • Language-independent software lessons reduce the language barrier to learning math
    • Instructional design reaches students at every level of academic proficiency
    • Innovative games train students in multi-step problem-solving
    • Self-paced instructional software makes teaching easier and more productive


    What is ST Math?

         ST Math instructional software is designed to help all students reach math proficiency through self-paced, language-independent, mastery-based objectives. It is closely aligned to state and Common Core standards and integrates with core instruction. The ST Math software games use interactive, graphically-rich animations that visually represent mathematical concepts to improve conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. Through a 1:1 learning environment, the games gradually increase in difficulty and provide immediate feedback.

         In addition to accessing the software on desktop or laptop computers, students can access ST Math on many mobile devices, enabling anywhere, anytime learning. With touch functionality, ST Math will further immerse students in a richly interactive, hands-on and gesture-based learning experience.

    How can I monitor my child's progress at home?

         As a parent you can monitor your child’s completion of JiJi time from home to ensure that he/she is completing the required 30 min. of home JiJi login time and is working towards the end of the year syllabus completion. You need to ask your child to ONLY exit out of their login sessions when you are present.  When a student exits out of JiJi play, the last screen showcases student completion for that JiJi login.  The screen will show the number of puzzles a student completed, the number of minutes they were logged in for, and the percent of syllabus completion. The two most important pieces of information from this screen are:

    • Time Logged In:  You want to make sure your student is completing at least 30 minutes a week playing JiJi.  Sessions shouldn't be shorter than 10 minutes each in length, as JiJi will not recognize it as a login session if it is shorter.
    • Percent of Syllabus Completion: Using the chart below (see link) you can ensure that your child is on track to complete the grade level of JiJi that they are working on as expected.  The chart tracks expected week-by-week completion.  (You will notice that school holiday breaks aren’t included, therefore if your child is behind in percent completion he/she can take advantage of this time to catch up.)