• Math Seminar

    This math support course is designed to meet the individual needs of each student. Students will be working on targeted skills that

    need remediation, with specific focus on process and analytical processes. Students also will receive extra support with their other math class.

    • Placement will be based on multiple criteria: diagnostic assessment, academic performance, and IEP team recommendation

    • HS math skills are at the basic or below basic grade level

    • Direct explicit instruction will be provided in math calculations and math applications

    • Student progress will be monitored periodically throughout the year using formative assessment


    Foundations of English 10

    This course continues the study of multiple genres and interpersonal communication processes focusing on. comprehension, application, and analysis of literature along with vocabulary study. Keystone Exam test preparation will continue at this level.

    Unit 1: Introduction and Analysis of Gothic Literature. Texts include The Fall of the House of Usher, The Feather Pillow, Where Is Here?, House Taken Over and The Raven. Performance Assessments will include a Gothic Story Project and Gothic Literature Analysis Essay.  

    Unit 2: Outsiders and Outcasts: Study of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis as well as Katherine Mansfield’s A Doll’s House. Performance Assessments will include constructed responses and a five-paragraph essay. 

    Units 3 and 4: Introduction to Rhetoric and Rhetorical Analysis of speeches including JFK’s Inaugural Address, Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Speech and Malala Yousafzai's Speech at the United Nations. Poetry analysis and review will include selected poems in preparation for the upcoming Keystone Exam. Performance assessments will include constructed responses focusing on the use of persuasive appeals.

    Novel Study and Keystone Preparation: The class will read Sandra Cisneros’ award-winning novel The House on Mango Street. Performance Assessments include a Novel Study Workbook, QuickWrites, and constructed responses. Students will work through Keystone Review in preparation for the Pennsylvania Keystone Exam. 

    Foundations of English 12

    This course focuses on an overview of the British Literary Tradition. Comprehension, application, and analysis of literature are fundamental to the course. Writing instruction focuses on essays and formal research. 

    Students will read and analyze a variety of British Literature, including epic poetry such as Beowulf as well as Tennyson’s The Charge of the Light Brigade. Students will also read and analyze excerpts from Dante’s Inferno, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Students will finish out their year working through speech writing and will be required to write and deliver a final Farewell Speech at the end of the year. Performance Assessments include multi-paragraph essays, Unit tests, projects and constructed responses.