• PowerSchool Parent Portal

         Your student's grades and attendance are viewable through the Oxford School District PowerSchool Parent Portal.

         To access the portal you will need an account through which you may view all students for whom you have legal and parental rights.

         If you have already created a single sign-on account, you do not need to create another; you can add students as needed. Log into your account and click "Account Preferences" in the bottom left corner then click the "Student" tab and the "Add" button.

         If you have forgotten your account username and/or password, please click on the “Forgot Username or Password” link found on the Parent Portal sign-in page


         Parent/Guardian Accounts - To create your single sign-on account for all your students 

    1. Please go to https://www.oxfordasd.org
    2. Move the cursor to Parents & Students and a drop down will appear
    3. Click Link to PowerSchool Parent Portal (it is the first drop down)
    4. Click Create Account, second tab (not 'Sign In')
    5. Click the Create Account button
    6. Fill in Parent Account Information
    7. Fill in Link Students to Account and click enter at the bottom