• 2nd Grade: Changes

    Welcome to 2nd Grade ATP!!

    This year we will begin our exploration of how things change with a unit on weather.

    For this unit we will learn about how the sun heats the air, how wind is created, how clouds are formed, the 4 types of precipitation and 6 types of clouds. We will also learn about different types of storms. We will take notes based on reading critically informational text, watching videos and websites. We will use this information to create accurate diagrams and provide written responses. The students will begin each class by going outside to collect daily weather data. They will record temperature, wind, type of clouds, type of precipitation and sky conditions. We'll complete some projects, such as creating a cloud in a jar, and experimenting with condensation. To wrap up our weather unit, each student will choose a weather topic and then brainstorm descriptive words and sayings about their chosen topic. Using these descriptions, they will create a shape poem.