• 3rd Grade ATP

    Welcome to 3rd Grade ATP!!

    Our exploration of relationships will begin with analogies.

    We start our unit by learning about the relationships between math, vocabulary and symbols to explain analogies. Once we have a good understanding of how analogies work, students will focus on part to whole/whole to part as well as synonym/antonym analogies. The analogies can be visual, symbolic, open-ended or disciplinary. We will continue to practice the different types of analogies throughout the school year.

    The Creative Thinking Processes below are used all year long to help students produce ideas that can spark exploration and application of possibilities. 

    Fluency - the production of a large number of ideas, products or plans.
    Flexibility - the production of ideas or products that show a variety of possibilities or realms of thought.
    Originality - the production of ideas that are unusual and unique.
    Elaboration - the production of ideas that display intensive detail or enrichment.

    The ability to implement these processes helps students to stretch their minds. They learn by:

    dreaming - stimulates the creation of new worlds
    fantasizing - unleashes floods of inventions
    wondering - challenges ideas to mulitiply
    supposing - opens passageways to possibilities
    imagining - ignites explosions of understanding

    Creative thinking helps students with daily decision making skills, problem solving, maintaining fresh, alert minds and the ability to cope with and enjoy life!