• iCloud & Google Drive Backup

    The link below will open a document with directions on how to back up the files and settings on your iPad to your iCloud account. Before you can backup your files to iCloud, you must have either signed into the iCloud account provided to you with your school issued Apple ID (see your email) or have created your own iCloud account. If you have difficulty with this process, please see one of your teachers or submit a helpdesk ticket with the technology departement. If you do not need or want access to any of the documents on your iPad for next year, then you do not need to complete this process.

    You can access your iCloud Drive files and photos on any computer through a browser (Chrome on Windows or Safari on Mac recommendd) by following the link below. When you do this for the first time, you will be asked for a verification code for authentication. This code was sent to your school email, which can be accessed through gmail (see link below).

    Backing up to iCloud - directions for turning on iCloud backup on iPad

    iCloud - link to iCloud access from a browser (Chrome or Firefox on Windows or Safari on Mac recommended)

    Gmail - link to gmail. Login with your district email account (username@oxfordasd.org) and password

    Google Drive - link to your google drive storage. Login with your district email account (username@oxfordasd.org) and password