• What is Sing-Along?

    Sing-Along is a special event at Elk Ridge, where students and staff alike come together to sing and enjoy the songs that students are studying in the music classroom. Sometimes we have class presentations, special guests, and musical exhibitions from other buildings in the district. 


    When does Sing-Along take place?

    Sing-Along takes place on special occasions throughout the school year. At Elk Ridge, we celebrate seasons, some holidays, and special events together in the form of community and song. 


    How can I prepare my child for Sing-Along?

    Ask your child to share what songs and dances they are learning in music class. This gives them more opportunities to practice using their singing voices outside of the music classroom. 

    Students at this age are also learning how to be appropriate audience members. Audience members listen and enjoy the music, applaud performances, and participate when appropriate. All students are participants as well as audience members in Sing-Along, so encourage your child to be proud of their performance and celebrate their own musical skills. 


    How can I see Sing-Along?

    Some Sing-Alongs are recorded for public view. After the recorded Sing-Alongs take place, a link will be placed on Miss Kurtz's staff page, as well as on the district website. 


    If you have any other questions about Sing-Along, please send me an email at kkurtz@oxfordasd.org