• ey MindMonkey Mind Monkey Mind


    Courtesy of: Monkey Mind Meditation Deck by Carolyn KanJuro Illustrations by Alexander Vidal

    *Fun Ways for Kids to Chill Out, Tune in and Open Up


    Stellar Starfish Stellar Starfish


    Stormy Sea Stormy Sea


    Rushing River Rushing River


    Blue Sky Blue Sky


    Golden Sun Golden Sun


    Rainbow Rainbow


    Starry Night Starry Night


    Hurricane Hurricane


    Salmon Salmon


    Lyon Lyon


    dog dog


    mountain mountain


    deer deer


    peacock peacock


    elephant elephant


    frog frog


    crab crab


    firefly firefly


    bunny bunny


    owl owl


    worm worm


    butterfly butterfly


    tree tree


    flower flower


    bear bear


    rain rain


    jewel jewel


    lake lake


    swing swing