• 3/25/2020

    Many of you already know Mr. Roesch, our student School Counselor from West Chester.

    He has created a newsletter for all of you to look at. Please take the time to check out and enjoy his pages!


    Student School Counselor Newsletter!


    Good afternoon everyone! Mr. Roesch had put out another Newsletter to follow up closely with the first. Take a peek at all of his creativity and information.


    Good morning everyone! I am expecting that everyone is starting to get creative about being at home and learning online. Mr. Roesch addresses the difficulties of maintaining focus and attention during this new enrichment/instructional format.Please look at his newest Newsletter that addresses the above issues. Enjoy his creativity and artistic talents!


    Drew Roesch, our Student Counselor has submitted yet another newsletter! It comes at a timely part of the week. His last offering focused on:


    To be perfectly honest, it is a problem common to everyone! So, please look at newsletter #4!



    Anger is an emotion we all experience but we don't often have a way to deal with it in a healthy way. Drew Roesch put together an amazing presentation on anger that can be used to talk with your child. Hit the link, sit down and talk it out.


    Good day! Yesterday I started daily meditations from The Monkey Mind Meditation Deck by Carolyn Kanjuro

    I will be posting new meditations daily. "30 Fun Ways for Kids to Chill out, Tune In, and Open Up."

    We all have trouble from time to time calming ourselves, being still and connecting.

    Let the exercises in this Deck bring out the best in you and your student.

    Give it a try. Go to my Monkey Mind Pages.


    Fresh off the press - Newsletter  #5 - full of great information on Social Emotional Learning!

    Mr. Roesch also includes some wonderfully related book read alouds.

    He has also asked for you to make requests on any subject matter that you would like him to include in his next Newsletter.

    Is there some subject that you and your child are interested in or are currently struggling with at home?

    Please do not hesitate to email me at dhouseknecht@oxfordasd.org and i will pass it along.