• Here is a list of links to Parent Resource websites and other links that connect to our classroom:

    Scholastic Book Orders:  Please consider purchasing books for your child using this inexpensive website!  You can order the books online using your credit card and they will be sent to our classroom for your child.  Plus, I collect Bonus Points for every order to purchase even more items for our classroom use!  Please let me know if you purchase books that will be used as a gift and I can hold them aside secretly for you!  Our class code to use for your online purchase is: GLD8Y.


    Talking Points app: **Please take a minute to download the Talking Points app so that you and I can connect through safe text messages all year long.  I have found this to be the easiest way for us to communicate about simple things.  

    Instructions in English    Instructions in Spanish     Instructions in Russian


    Epic app:---

    You can download the Epic app from the "Self Service" on your child's Ipad.  Our class code is "  ".  The app is free for the kids to use between the hours of 7AM-3PM, Monday through Friday.  If you would like them to be able to use it outside of those hours, please sign up for the app with your home email.