• James M. Herr, Class of 1969

    Just as Detroit is synonymous with the auto industry and Hollywood is known as the capital of movie-making, our community is recognized as a center of the snack food industry. Herr Foods, of Nottingham, is chiefly responsible for our connection with this business, and James Herr, of the Class of 1969, has played a major role in the company’s growth to prominence over the past decades.

    In his career Mr. Herr has advanced steadily through numerous positions and responsibilities at the company, recently rising to the post of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. In this role he oversees more than 1,000 employees who produce and distribute 340 quality products throughout the eastern United States. Mr. Herr guides the company’s adherence to sound business principles while encouraging innovation in product development, packaging and distribution.

    Under Mr. Herr’s leadership, the company has been keenly aware of its responsibilities to the environment and has been a pioneer in saving energy, reducing waste and recycling. Their plastic packaging takes up little space in landfills and is a superior fuel in waste-to-steam facilities. And we’ve all seen those contented cows munching on potato peelings at the Herr Angus Farm along Route 272.

    Mr. Herr has been active in business affairs as Board Chairman of the Snack Food Association, and he is also a dedicated supporter of local and regional charities. The Lighthouse Youth Center in Oxford, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Junior Achievement, the Salvation Army and the YMCA have all benefited from Herr Foods gifts. The entire community has enjoyed the Herr Company’s lighted Christmas displays, its rallies for antique car enthusiasts, and its support of 4th of July festivities

    As a parent living in our school district, Mr. Herr is a devoted supporter of the Oxford schools and a constant advocate for opportunities for our students. He is a regular fixture at our Parents’ Conference nights and is always interested in developments in our buildings. We also appreciate his company’s willingness to provide employment to our students and graduates.

    John Bradley